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Thursday, 16 January 2014

A bit of exciting news to start the day!

I'm very grateful to Warwick University in many ways. Firstly, their entry requirements for Classical Civilisation (my degree) were ABB but they still let me in with a BBB. Thank goodness.

Secondly, the course was (mostly) amazing and I really couldn't imagine studying anything else.

Thirdly, I met some absolutely incredible people, including my lovely husband, there, and am still friends with these people over 3 years since graduation. (Seems like a small bit of time, but not that insignificant when a lot of us are now all over the country!)

Fourthly, they really like to big up their graduates! I saw a while ago on the Warwick Alumni section a special page for graduates whom have published books since their graduation. I wasn't sure whether my book, X&Y, would count, seeing as it's self-published, but I thought I'd give it a go anyway. And the very lovely people at Warwick Alumni services put it on!

Follow the link to share in my joy :)

Until next time!

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