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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Empty Shelf/Mad Reviewer #22 and #23 - Continuing with Harry Potter

The last week or so has afforded me ample time for reading, and I've got to be honest - losing myself in good books has held me together the last few days.

I've been continuing with Harry Potter and devoured both "The Goblet of Fire" and "The Order of the Phoenix" this last week.

Book to movie adaptations, even if they are good, will never be able to include everything. It's a mark of how long it's been since I read the book because I had completed forgotten about a few major things in "The Goblet of Fire" - Winky, the house-elf, S.P.E.W., and a great many others. And of course, with The Order of the Phoenix, there was savage pleasure in remembering how great a character Umbridge was in her sheer awfulness - honestly, there was no character I wanted to see an end to more than her. The DA will always be one of my favourite parts of the whole series.

I had a bit of a maybe-inappropriate HP geek moment on Monday. I had a fleeting thought that I would be able to see Thestrals now (if they were real, that is). I told my sister, becuase I felt a bit guilty, but was reassured when she told me she had thought the same thing.

Can't wait to get to the last two books now.

Until next time!

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