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Monday, 9 June 2014

RE: hitRECord

Today I received what is probably the most exciting post I've ever received in my life.

It was my contribution royalties from hitRECord's first ever TV show.

What is hitRECord, I hear you ask? And what's this about TV?

hitRECord is an amazing online community. It was founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and it is a place where artists from all over the world can come and make art together - writers, actors, animators, illustrators, etc etc.

Last year, a new American cable channel called PIVOT teamed up with hitRECord to make a season of eight television episodes, each regarding a theme. A lot of work went into it over the course of nearly a year, and it aired in the USA in January. The first episode is free on youtube:

I contributed ideas to each of the episodes, and I'm thrilled because two of my ideas ended up in two of the episodes, RE: Money and RE: Patterns. I'm including the link to the opening monologue for money - listen out for my name "bfinlayson" around the 1:08 mark :) :) :)

hitRECord is not about the money. It's about making art together. That said, hitRECord pays its contributing artists for their work, because that's just fair and right, isn't it? And let me tell you - there are some AMAZING artists on that site.

Go. Explore. Join. Help us make hitRECord on TV season 2 :)

Until next time!

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