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Friday, 6 January 2017

Review: According To Yes, Dawn French

Rosie Kitto, a former primary school teacher, packs up her life in England and starts a new adventure in Manhattan, secretly desperate to escape the sadness of her former life and to start fresh elsewhere. With her warm heart, creativity, and positive outlook on life, everyone loves Rosie.

Except for Glenn Wilder-Bingham, whom also happens to be Rosie's new employer. Determined to keep her twin grandsons shielded from their parents' messy divorce, she hires Rosie to take care of them and give them some stability.

The whole family, from the twins and their eighteen year old brother, to Glenn's husband, love Rosie. Glenn, meanwhile, feels like Rosie's arrival means she is slowly losing her iron grip on her small kingdom.

I loved the characters in this book, particularly Rosie and the twins. Their relationship is very sweet but not shallow - Rosie knows why she is there and is determined to love the twins fiercely and be a calm port in their storm.

However, where the characters are genuine and substantial, other parts of the novel don't feel quite as good. The dialogue and description sometimes felt a bit clunky down to technical issues, inserting commas where there should be full stops. It gave the effect of not being able to pause for breath. Certain events in the book (SPOILER ***********Rosie ends up sleeping with not just Glenn's husband but also with the twins' father AND the twins' older brother***************) and their consequences don't feel quite believable in how they are dealt with.

Overall, though, it was a nice read - very funny in places, heartwarming characters, and a nice happy ending.

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