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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Review: Billionaire Boy, David Walliams

So many of my younger male students have been reading books by David Walliams in my English class, it was high time that I checked them out for myself. On the recommendation of my colleague's eight year old son, I tried Billionaire Boy. It was only a few pages in that it became easy to see why Walliams has children reading his books in droves.

Joe Spud is a billionaire, thanks to an amazing invention of his dad's, Len Spud. It's a product called Bumfresh and it's a revolution in the bum-wiping industry.

Together in Bumfresh Towers, they live the high life. Joe can have anything he wants, and then some.

But Joe is lacking one thing - a friend. At his snooty private school, no one wants to be Joe's friend because of where his money came from. So, he asks his dad to move him to the local comp.

So far, so good. Joe makes friends with a boy called Bob but doesn't reveal his billionaire status until he is accidentally outed by the local friendly shopkeeper, Raj.

After some back and forths between Joe and Bob, plus a whole load of drama when everyone else in the school finds out about Joe, they both realise that what they just want is to be friends, no matter what else.

Billionaire Boy is written with warmth, intelligence, and a whole lot of good humour. If you want a genuinely good children's book read (for you or your little ones) I highly recommend this.

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